Everything You Should Know About Apple Carplay

by Jess Oliphant

Apple CarPlay is becoming a popular place for many car models. It allows you to access apps like navigation, google maps, Spotify, Apple Music, WhatsApp messages, and iMessage by replicating the screen of your iPhone on the infotainment screen of the car. Most CarPlays are standard and come with the car model, while some can be fixed in old cars. The Apple Carplay Mercedes is an example that s found in most Mercedes models and is a more thoughtful and safer way to use your phone when driving. We discuss the basics of Apple Carplay below.

The Basics of Apple Carplay

The Carplay works well with various iPhone models, ranging from iPhone 5 to iPhone 11 Pro Max. We now look at how it works plus more information about it.

1. How Does Apple CarPlay Operate?

To get it started, connect your iPhone to your car via a USB charging cable or Bluetooth in case of a wireless CarPlay. Once the connection is made, your iPhone’s screen will appear on the car’s infotainment looked all zoomed in. Despite the various iPhone types that can be used, only those with an operating system of version 7.1 or more can make it work.

2. Wireless Apple CarPlay

Wireless CarPlay is relatively new to the market and is available in some of the new car models. It requires a Bluetooth connection, location data, and a WIFI access point for it to work. You use your phone to send a signal via Bluetooth to the head unit requesting for connection.

After the connection is successful, the phone requests wireless credentials to the WIFI point. The head unit then sends the credentials to the phone and can now connect to the WIFI. The Bluetooth signal disconnects, and any video or audio made is transferred via WIFI.

Examples of car brands that use wireless CarPlay on their models include Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen.

3. Why Should You Get Apple CarPlay?

You can use the Siri voice control feature to read messages and reply to them or select any music without letting go of the steering wheel. If your car is touch-enabled, you can control your phone from the car’s infotainment with ease. Some vehicles have buttons on the steering or dashboard that can be used to choose various features or programs of the inbuilt car infotainment. Generally, Apple CarPlay allows you to use any app same as on your iPhone but on a more prominent display.

4. Apple CarPlay Availability

Many new vehicles come with a standard Apple CarPlay; however, some don’t have. If you like the benefits of it, you can have it fixed in your car, and the prices depend on the car brand and manufacturer. You can avoid extra installation charges by ensuring the car model you want already has it in-built, and you’ll only pay to take the car home.


Apple CarPlay has excellent benefits. Having understood how it works and what it entails, choose a car with that option or buy one without and have it fixed later but consider the extra charges. You can go for the wireless or Apple CarPlay, depending on what suits you best.

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