Getting to know your RV power cords

by Jess Oliphant

We must get our Zen on from time to time and commune with nature. Thereby, enjoying the breathtaking wonders of nature. That is why people take trips in RVs to campsites and explore remote, quiet, and serene areas. Wherever you go, you will need to charge your RV for optimal performance and what you use in charging it has to be the best. It could affect the performance of your RV and your time spent camping by extension. This is where the Trekpower RV cord comes to the rescue. Such RV power cords simply embodies the brilliance of engineering. With different cord lengths for insane pleasure, you have many excellent options to choose from. But what makes the RV power cord unique? This article discusses the features of the RV power cord. Here is what you should know.

What makes the RV power cord stand out

1. Its male and female adapters

Clean, mean and a charging machine, RV power cord is simply a beast. However, that will not matter much if you are unable to charge wherever you want to. RV power cords come with a variation of plugs that you can use regardless of where you are. This sweet feature is a lifesaver in a lot of ways. Not to mention that these plugs have ergonomics handles and are easy to handle. To make the charging process seemless, there are twist-lock adapters available. There are also 90-degree handles, so it will be easier for people to use.

2. Heavy duty

To handle any kind of work thrown at it, the RV power cord like Trekpower’s is fitted with the best material. These cords are made from thick copper wires to make sure they handle any task that comes along. To back it up, these cords also possess inner insulation that can transmit charge. Thanks to the heavy-duty quality wires, RV power cords handle its workload appropriately. RV power cords range from 15 amp to a whopping 50 amp. There is no denying that this RV power cord is in a class of its own.

3. Weatherproof

There are going to be rough places where you might have to charge your RV. You can do that with Trekpower RV power cords and be sure to receive its optimal performance. Even though the RV power cord standout, it will not do so without the needed protection. Hence, the need for its waterproof covering. Come rain or sunshine, icy tundra or sweltering deserts, RV power cords rarely disappoint, talk more of when the product is Trekpower. The outer jacket is also water-resistant. The heavy-duty nature of the power cords, coupled with them being weatherproof, makes this RV power cord very impressive.

Final thoughts

The RV contributes to some of the fondest outdoor memories one can have. It allows for the easy conveyance of one’s personal items while keeping touch with nature. Without the right power source, the RV cannot meet expectations. This can lead to a poor and forgettable outdoor experience. With the right RV power cords, you stand to thwart any power outage of your RV. Here, we have seen what makes the RV power cord tick. Knowing its features informs you of what to look for when purchasing the right power cord for your RV.

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