Tips For Betting The Best Deals On Used Cars

by Jess Oliphant

Yeebia is a popular online shopping platform in Nigeria. The site deals with a variety of products, including household electronics, phones, and cars as well. Yeebia is known for having the best cars for sale in Nigeria. At Yeebia, you will find different brands and makes of vehicles for different prices. The company assures your reliable business and reasonable prices. In this post, we will be looking at a guide for buying used cars.

Tips for Buying Used Cars

Below are some of the main tips you need to consider when buying used cars;

  • Your Budget

Before making any purchase, the first factor that you need to consider is the amount that you can afford. If you are looking to take out a loan for the purchase, make sure that the payments you have to make for the car should not take more than 20% of your salary. On the other hand, if you are going to be using your funds, make sure to get a car that does not cause a financial burden.

While a used car is cheaper than a new one, their costs also differ from one to another. Make sure to shop around different dealers when looking for the best used car and compare the different prices. Also, consider choosing a car that still has a valid warranty in case of any issues that may cause you to spend more money.

  • Come up with a list of the vehicles you prefer before shopping

The first step when making a list of the best-used vehicles is selecting the best brands. You also need to be aware that some brands and makes of vehicles tend to be costlier than the latter. Therefore, make a list of cars that are closer to your target price range.

Making a list will make the process of searching easier as you will have an accurate description to use. Make sure to choose at list three makes that are closer in price. It will make it easier in case you do not find the first choice of car.

  • Make sure to select a reputable dealer

Whether you are buying the car from an individual, website, or an establishment, make sure to check on the reputation of the dealer. Keep in mind that what the clients say is more trustworthy than the words of the dealer.

Dealers will sell you on features to entice you into buying from them. But, remember to read customer reviews and get to know what former clients have to say about the dealer’s services and products. This will help you decide on the best-used car dealer.

  • Ask for the vehicle’s history report

Unless you are acquiring the used car from a close friend or relative, make sure to get a history report. Do so in the early stages of a purchase. The report will help you determine whether the car has been involved in accidents before, what sorts of damages had occurred to it, and how long it has been in use.

With the report, you can decide whether or not the car is worth your time and money. You can acquire the report from a website like Autocheck. All you need to do is enter the car’s vehicle identification number, and you will be provided with all the details you need. Do not take the word of the seller to be the truth because they are probably just looking to sell the car as quickly as possible.

  • Take the car on a test-drive before sealing the deal

Test drives are not specific to new cars. During the test drive, look out for elements like the ease at which you can get in and out of the car, the amount of room, comfort, the state of the engine, comfort, visibility, the functioning of the brakes, and the hood.

How do you choose the cheapest used cars?

  • Get a car with a small engine

Cars with smaller engines tend to be cheaper than the latter. Small engines of 1 or 2 liters also tend to produce purer horsepower. The reason is that large engines tend to burn more fuel than the smaller ones. Thus, there is an added advantage of getting a small engine.

However, this benefit is also influenced by the consistency in which you use the vehicle hence the engine. Also, using a car with a small engine for high-speed purposes would require more work. When buying used cars, consider one with a small engine for the low price.

  • Get a car that uses petrol

Cars that use petrol are more cost-efficient than those that use diesel. Cars that use diesel are more expensive to acquire and use even when they are bought in a used state. They also cost more to refill than the latter.

  • Consider a manual car

Automatic cars are very convenient because they take the hassle out of the process of switching between gears. However, for this reason, automatic cars tend to be more expensive than the latter. This is the case whether or not the car is new or used.

Secondly, hybrid cars would also be a cheaper option. This is because they are cost-efficient when it comes to their management. However, when it comes to the initial purchase. However, other factors like age may affect the price when it is bought in used condition.

  • The cost of insurance

Smaller cars tend to be cheaper than the latter when it comes to insurance. It is possible to ensure a used car provided you have the right papers. Insurance companies consider factors like performance, size, safety features, and the price of the car when it is new. Therefore, when getting a used car, consider all the features mentioned above as well. Make sure to research the considerations of different insurance companies before you decide on the best used car to purchase.


In addition to the cost, another benefit of buying used cars is the fact that you have a better chance of negotiating for the best price. Before closing the deal, make sure to exercise your right to negotiate for the best price.

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