What to look for in a UTV Mirror

by Jess Oliphant

Planning on getting a new set of UTV mirrors? If you are, then you must be really excited. UTV mirrors can take your ride to the next level. However, there’s a catch. How do you find the right UTV mirror?

This can really be a black cloud if you are a rookie in the search game. Thankfully we are here to help. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the most valuable features of the UTV mirrors. By this end, you should have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for.

If you’re ready for the ride, let’s begin!

What to look at for in a UTV mirror

Visibility abilities

While the design and color of the UTV mirrors can be very appealing, the primary feature remains visibility. With your UTV mirror, you should have a wide range of visibility. If you don’t, then something is horribly wrong.


While the main use of the UTV mirrors has to be acknowledged and respected, it’s no fun when your UTV mirror is ugly or simply not appealing. Therefore, take a good look at the design before you buy it.

The UTV mirrors don’t just have to be appealing. It also has to be terrible. One good sign of durability is the presence of polymer. This is a light material that can handle high-impact situations. Another good material will be aluminum.

What you decide to use is certainly down to your preferences. Most UTV mirrors come in various colors. You will usually have the option to choose between green, black, silver, and a host of other colors.

Make sure that the bezels you chose combine well with the vehicle.


This doesn’t just apply to the UTV mirrors. Every expensive product should have some form of guarantee or refund policy. This gives the customer some form of relief or reassurance. A lack of a guarantee can signal that you are about to waste your time and resources.

Honorable mentions

While these are some of the major things that you should look out for, there are other things too that make the UTV mirrors enticing. A UTV mirror should come with clamps as well as a mount.

A UTV mirror that is adaptable and can be mounted with different sizes of clamps is really priceless.

So what should I do next?

So now that you know precisely what you need to look for, what’s the next step? Well, the next step is to decide if you are really going to get your UTV mirrors or not. If you do, then, there’s a handful of options to choose from.

Making the choice should be way easier after reading this article.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Getting a UTV mirror for your vehicle can be quite exciting. However, that excitement can quickly dwindle when you buy the wrong mirror. These tips above will surely guide you in making that decision.

We are confident that you will make the right choice whenever you choose to get your UTV mirrors.

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