Why Use Natural Cleaning Products in Washing Your Car

by Jess Oliphant

A clean and tidy car will have a positive impact on people. If they see a dirty car, they would think that you are not a neat person. It is somewhat a reflection of your personality. Some people might put cleaning their cars at the bottom of their priority list. They maybe have their reasons for this, but the fact that it is included in the list, then it is good enough.

Cleaning cars should be done regularly. But you don’t just use any kind of soap in cleaning your car. Some soaps contain strong chemicals that might damage the paint of your car. Experts recommend the use of natural products. Eco-friendly products are safe for the environment. Phosphorus, ammonia, nitrogen and other chemicals are collectively called VOCs or Volatile Organic Compound and EPA recognize them as environmental hazards found in most household cleaners.

Most of the popular car cleaning formulas contain VOCs and other chemicals that might be harmful to your vehicle. So, you need to be very cautious when buying one.

Cleaners You Need to Avoid

Before buying a cleaning product, do not forget to check the label. Take note of the following ingredients that you need to avoid.

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

This compound is commonly called as QUATS. Most household cleaners contain these ingredients and are represented as antibacterial. The compound is known as a skin irritant, particularly for younger children. A safer and green alternative for this is vinegar.

Triclosan, Phosphate, and Surfactants

The same with QUATS these ingredients are also labeled as antibacterial ingredients but are very dangerous to aquatic life that could be affected if you let the run-off from your car to move into the drain.


The majority of glass cleaners contain this dangerous chemical ammonia. It irritates the lungs that can trigger asthma as well as other long-lasting effects. As an alternative, you can use toothpaste or vodka in cleaning your car windows.

Perchloroethylene or PERC

It is usually present on upholstery and carpet cleaners. This substance is quite dangerous. As a neurotoxin, the chemical can affect the brain, if inhaled it can cause an unbearable headache. As an alternative, you can use three cups of water, 10 drops of peppermint oil, and 8/4 cup of a vegetable-based liquid soap. The solution will make the carpet look new without bad effects on you.

It is best that before you buy a certain cleaning product make sure to read the label. If there is an ingredient unknown, you can search for it and check if it is harmful or not to humans.

Benefits of Using Natural Car Cleaning Products

  • Natural car cleaning products will not just keep your car free of harmful chemicals, it will also keep the environment healthy. You, your family, and pets will be free from toxins that are commonly present in the car’s interior.
  • There are lots of varieties that you can choose from. Natural products can provide the same cleaning power without containing harmful chemicals.
  • Cost less as compared to other cleansers
  • It is safe for your skin and does not emit a foul odor

Final Thoughts

If you are not sure which car cleaning products to choose, you can check out OPS to learn more about natural car cleaners. Keep in mind, these natural car cleaning products will not just keep your clean but also will keep you and your passengers safe and protected from harmful chemicals.

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